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Pave the way for a future leader!

Enable leadership pipelines for all People of Color.

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Create something better than you ever imagined, infinite possibilities.

Built4Agility is bridging the opportunity gap for people of color— we're paving the way for leaders of today and tomorrow through training, mentoring, and coaching programs for all people of color, which includes people from all ethnicities, genders/gender identities, sexual identities, religions, ages, and abilities.

As SAFe® certified trainers and practitioners, we're building a bridge to a new, more agile way of thinking, working, and problem solving. These in-demand skills when combined with education and lived experiences are a strategic differentiator that can significantly increase hireability and earning potential.

As a Community Sponsor this is your opportunity to make a real impact. By investing in ourselves and each other we can create new cultural norms that transform individuals, families, and communities from the inside out. Take ACTion, become a Sponsor today!